We are happy to server you our wide range of Product listed as

1. Refractory Product:

Fire Clay & High Alumina Brick – Cupola Brick – Hanger Shoulder Brick, Burner Block – Special Shaped Refractory – Bottom Pouring Set – Boiler Bed Material – Refractory Grog – Refractory Cement Binder – Zirconium Powder

2. Insulation Product:

Insulation Brick – Calcium Silicate Block, Board, pipe – Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Board, Paper, Rope

3. Acid Resistance Product:

Acid Resistance Brick, Tile & Acid Resistance mortar

4. Monolithic Refractories

Refractory Castable – Refractory Mortar

5. Thermotex:

6. Ramming Mass:

Neutral Ramming Mass, Acidic Ramming Mass, Silica Ramming Mass, Ladle Ramming Mass, Premix Ramming Mass.

7. Bauxite:

Raw Bauxite – Calcined Bauxite

8. Flow Control Product:

Slide Plate – Collector Nozzle – ladle Nozzle – Tundish Nozzle – Porous Plug – Well Block for Porous Plug, Ladle Nozzle, Tundish Nozzle.

9. Cast Iron Product

Ingot Mould for MS – Bottom Plate – Centre Colum – Slag pot – S. S. Mould.

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