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Upcoming Expert Event, New Delhi, 23-26 September 2019

Refractory Training for Refineries and PetroChemical Brought to you by Cannon Hancock Biggs & Associates and Phisam Consultancy Services This is a risk based course on the practical realities facing the global refractory industry. The course has been presented around the globe and is the same course sponsored by Exxon Mobil for the head of […]

Refractories for Industrial Users

Refractories are a critical part of the operation of most high temperature industrial processes and also play an essential role in many other industries. They are frequently a major cost item both in general maintenance and the unscheduled downtime of production units arising¬†from premature refractory failure. The depth of the subject is demonstrated by the […]

Refractory Training Course for API 936 Certification

The API 936 Training Course is designed to prepare applicants for the official API 936 Examination. The course will ensure trainees have a good understanding of the minimum requirements to write the personnel certification and will cover the broad knowledge base relating to installation, inspection, testing and repair of refractory linings. The API 936 Refractory […]

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