CHB – Third Party Refractory Inspectorate

Posted on March 6, 2019
LocationSouth Africa

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CHB is based in South Africa and travel globally to clients sites to conduct Refractory Inspections and offer advice. CHB have on-going maintenance contract with Refineries and frequently assist clients with Refractory Failure Investigations, Shutdown Planning and Maintenance Inspections.

Qualified, experienced API 936 Certified Refractory Inspectors are involved in lining assessments and recommendations on maintenance shutdowns as well as Third Party Quality Assurance on new projects. Industrial Rope Access trained inspectors means scaffolding is not necessary for routine statutory inspections. CHB has a variety of inspection tools to assist with assessment of refractory linings such as Infrared Thermography and Remote Camera Inspections.


  • Refractory Inspection
  • Refractory Consultancy
  • Refractory Testing & RND
  • Thermography
  • Remote Camera and Drone Inspections
  • In-house and Open Training Courses
  • Refractory Books and Softaware
  • Failure Investigations

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    darrol biggs Submission Feb 18, 2019

    Excellent Inspection and Consultancy service

    One of the most professional companies I had ever worked with!

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