Cannon and Hancock C.C

Posted on January 7, 2021
LocationSouth Africa



Refractory Testing & Research Laboratory

Cannon & Hancock is responsible for the QA testing for ACT MANUFACTURING on a daily basis but also does independent testing for other clients including precast manufacturers, installation contractors and refractory users. Standard testing of bulk density, cold crushing strength, and permanent linear change as well as the ASTM Abrasion test are performed as well as other tests such as alkali resistance.

C & H Laboratories cc is the refractory testing and research laboratory of the C&H group and is used to investigate refractory failures, to set refractory specifications for client purchases and site acceptance criteria for installations. The laboratory tests for quality
assurance contracts with three major clients, and has also done testing for numerous petrochemical plants during shutdowns.

Previous contracts include Q.A Third party testing for clients in South Africa, Israel, Holland and Germany.

C & H Laboratories also specialise in research and development of new products based on raw materials and alternate bonding technologies.

The laboratory also holds the patent for ACTCHEM and had licensed the technology to Vesuvius in the USA, Dramicom in Europe and thermal ceramics in South America. Other rights / patents held by the laboratory are on acid proof castable, low cost insulation bricks, and ultra lightweight bricks (density of 0.2g/cm3)

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