Posted on April 9, 2021
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Industrial Minerals Solutions

Aceler® International, a team of experienced professionals in the Field of Industrial Minerals, is dedicated to serving the clients around the globe.

Our products ranges from raw refractory materials, abrasives to nonmetallic industrial minerals.

*Dead Burned Magnesite *Fused Magnesite *Caustic Calcined Magnesite *Fused Silica *Calcium Aluminate *Carbides of silicon *Bauxite *Graphite Electrode *(WFA/BFA) *Graphite Amorphous and Flake

To provide our customers with the most suitable raw materials and the best solutions, is our responsibility. To help the customers continuously reducing costs, and to strictly monitor every links and details of Quality Control, from the original sources, is the meaning of our existence

We actively seek to work with counselors, investors, companies and organizations in the relative fields. Working together, we are shaping a world where resources could flow liberally!

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